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            Agriculture and BioEnergy

About Us


  As HUG, we have been involved in agriculture, energy and mineral fields for the last 15 years, and all those years we have seen and learnt that for a sustainable life with a bright future; we need to protect our nature and our energy.


   Therefore, we wanted to share all these information with our friends, customers, producers, farmers and everyone who are interested.


   We are at your service with our documented, traceable, provable products and transparent business structure.

Happy plant means a happy farmer


   We know that there is no other thing to make a farmer happier than seeing his/her crop is healthy and prosperous. 

For this reason, we have made our fertilizers equipped with all the necessary nutrients for the crop's health and growth.


Remember, a happy plant means a happy farmer.

Healthy crop means smiling faces on harvest.

Sustainable Energy For a sustainable Future


   In order to leave a better future for our younger generations, we have to support utilization of renewable and sustainable energy sources and start repairing the damages that we have done with the fossil fuels that is already running out.

   To do that and support the sustainable energy sources; we are proudly offering our additive products to increase the efficiency and the performance of the BioEnergy facilities.

We have only one world


   HUG, manufactures and/or deals products for many related industries. With 15 years of experience, HUG is an official company that you can trust and be sure about the quality of the service.


   As HUG, we want to repeat that we are against the wild irrigation, fertilizer overuse and stubble burning once more and we want to tell you that we have only one world so we should protect it by any means.