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            Agriculture and BioEnergy

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Mineral, Additive, Fertilizer and Machinery


   HUG is specialized on producing and exporting the materials like fertilizers, additives, minerals and farming equipments. With 15 years of experience to offer, we are here to support our customers, earth ecology and nature.


   Besides the minerals for industrial use and farming equipments, our main products are fertilizers for agricultural use and additives for Bio-Energy facilities.




   Fertilizers that tailored for the crop's healthy development, soil quality and yield increase.

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   The value we placed on our World and nature is priceless.

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   You can see the details of minerals that we are offering for some industries and farming equipments for agricultural use by clicking the button below.


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Sustainable and Nature Friendly Agriculture


 Renewable Energy


As HUG, we are proudly announcing that:

 we promise to keep our nature, our world and our future as our first priority,

we promise to keep improving ourselves and our surroundings,

we promise to do our business honest, ethical and accountable,

as long as we are open.


With assistance of our country's leading universities, scientific institutions and laboratories; we are offering traceable, dependable, provable and high-tech products to your service.